Wabi Master Bedroom ( Ureal Engine - Sketchup- 3Ds MAX - Blender - Cinema4D - FBX - OBJ )

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Wabi Sabi Master Bedroom with Natural and Artificial Light

A tranquil and peaceful resting space

The master bedroom is where you rest, relax, and enjoy your private moments. A comfortable and personalized bedroom space will help you get a good night's sleep and be full of energy.

The 3D Wabi Sabi Master Bedroom with Natural and Artificial Light is the perfect solution for those who love simplicity, naturalness, and peace. The product is designed in the Wabi Sabi style, with rustic, simple lines that are nonetheless sophisticated. Natural and artificial light are combined harmoniously, creating a tranquil and peaceful space.

Key features of the product:

Wabi Sabi design that brings a sense of simplicity, naturalness, and peace
Harmonious combination of natural and artificial light, creating a relaxing and warm space
Versatile furniture that meets the needs of rest, relaxation, and entertainment
The product is suitable for:

People who love simplicity, naturalness, and peace
People who want to create a bedroom space that is full of personal touch
Instructions for use:

Open the 3D file in Autodesk 3ds Max or Blender software
Customize the colors, furniture, and accessories to your liking
Export the 3D file for printing or use in design projects