Kid bedroom ( Ureal Engine - Sketchup- 3Ds MAX - Blender - Cinema4D - FBX - OBJ )

Kid bedroom ( Ureal Engine - Sketchup- 3Ds MAX - Blender - Cinema4D - FBX - OBJ )

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Modern Kids Bedroom with Natural Light

A relaxing and creative space for your child

A child's bedroom is where they sleep, study, and play. A comfortable and child-friendly space will help them develop both physically and mentally.

The 3D modern kids bedroom with natural light is the perfect solution for parents looking for such a space for their child. The product is designed in a modern style, with bright and vibrant colors. Natural light is maximized to create a warm and relaxing space.

Key features of the product:

Modern, youthful design that suits the preferences of children
Bright colors that create a comfortable and relaxing feeling
Natural light is maximized, keeping the room full of life
Versatile furniture that meets the needs of children for study, play, and rest
Product is suitable for:

Children aged 3 to 12
Families looking for a modern and comfortable bedroom space for their child
Instructions for use:

Open the 3D file in Autodesk 3ds Max or Blender software
Customize the colors, furniture, and accessories to your child's liking
Export the 3D file for printing or use in design projects