Tea House ( Ureal Engine - Sketchup- 3Ds MAX - Blender - Cinema4D - FBX - OBJ )

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The modern 3D model of a tea room is an exquisite piece of art, featuring a perfect blend of contemporary architecture and unique interior design. This tea room is designed with beautiful orange leather chairs, creating a bright and youthful focal point.

Natural light is maximized through large windows, allowing sunlight to penetrate and create a friendly and airy living space. Each morning, the sunlight creates a captivating play of light and shadow on the surfaces of the room, evoking different emotions with every moment.

The warm glow of the ambient lighting is another highlight as it reflects off the orange surfaces of the leather chairs, creating a cozy atmosphere ideal for conversations and relaxation. The harmonious integration of natural light and warm lighting generates an irresistible ambiance and a sense of comfort.

This modern 3D tea room model will be a perfect addition to showcase sophistication and creativity in any living space. With meticulous attention to detail and the harmonious blend of colors and lighting, this model will not only be an intriguing focal point but also provide a satisfying experience for viewers. Explore and immerse yourself in this captivating modern 3D tea room model on ArtStation to embrace the remarkable experiences offered by this unique artistic space.