Winter Living (Unreal Engine - Blender - Cinema4D - Sketchup- 3DsMax - FBX - OBJ)

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Let me introduce you to a cozy winter living room with a modern and sophisticated fireplace, providing a warm and inviting space.
As you enter, you will immediately notice the sleek and contemporary fireplace set on a dark-toned wooden hearth, creating a striking focal point in the room. The soft glow of the fire and gentle lighting emanating from it create a warm and ethereal ambiance throughout the space.
The living room exudes warmth with its rich, dark-toned wooden flooring, creating a seamless blend with the fireplace and offering a plush feel. The burnt orange leather chairs are arranged near the fireplace, providing a comfortable and elegant seating area. The warm orange hue, along with the luxurious leather material, adds a touch of sophistication that complements the overall interior space.
From the cozy chairs, you can enjoy the winter landscape through the large windows. The view allows you to admire the snowy scenery and outdoor foliage, creating a serene and relaxing environment. This is the perfect place to embrace the gentle embrace of a cold winter season.
This 3D Archviz project is more than just a living room—it is an experience for those seeking warmth and romance during the winter season. Join us in this journey and explore the perfect fusion of modernity and sophistication in this uniquely designed space.